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Vicar's Desk Fr.Joy K.

Technology has taken an important role in our life. Using the technology successfully is crucial in the whole phase of our life. Internet technology, which provides a vast interactive communication system, is one of them. Communication of all kinds is an integral part in administering the mission of the Church. A Church does not exist without its mission. Generally speaking, its mission is to entertain the will of God for the sake of humanity. The will of God is being revealed by God Himself through the Church periodically and as necessary. The Church stands and works upon this revelation. Syrian Orthodox Church takes its entire effort to realize God’s will and to fulfill its vision.

Our Lord teaches us to let our light shine on those living in darkness (Luke 1:79). The Apostles and the followers used every means available to them to spread the message of our Lord. No doubt, how hard they did their jobs in such a difficult time. We are fortunate to have a rapid and extensive system of communication granted by God to uphold this light. There are certainly many ways to render the work of the Church. I hope this site will be one among them to enlighten the members of our Church and others worldwide in spirituality. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this virtual media which will bring in all the information as possible related to St. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church, Washington DC and its mother Church.

God bless you
Fr. Joy Kalappurayil